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The use of UAVs and drone technology for business is growing everyday.  In response, Brazos Drone Services provide a full suite of aerial imaging and data packages which includes oberservation and certified training.

  • On Site Observer
  • Corporate Guidance
  • UAV / UAS Implentation
  • Operational Support
  • Software Configuration
  • Education & Training
  • Affordable Packages
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

How can Brazos Drone Services help your organization?

If your organization has been granted an FAA Section 333 Exemption you are required to have both an FAA certified pilot and observer on site. Brazos Drone Services has those certifications and can help not only with legal compliance but also assist in the technical and operational roles for your mission. In addition, we provide consulting and training to help organizations looking to acquire their own UAV/UAS systems with product and vendor selection as well as configuration, setup, and support after the purchase.

FAA Certification

Brazos Drone Services is compliant with FAA certifications guaranteeing professional practices


Brazos Drone Services has years of experience and can knowledgeably assist company staff

Guidance & Support

We will work with company staff to ensure proper guidance and support


We provide educational services to enhance and ensure company staff follow FAA procedures

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