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Take advantage of aerial drone video and photography and add a creative touch to your commerical film.  Brazos Drone Services is an inexpensive substitute compared to older methods of capturing a birds eye view and more.

  • Aerial Cinematography
  • Film Edit & Production
  • Television Commericals
  • Promotional Advertisements
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Why use aerial drone content for film & video?

Video production and Cinematography were perhaps the earliest adopters of drone technology in capturing footage that wows audiences and brings a new perspective to film, television, and commercial production. Nearly every car commercial and feature film today utilize UAV’s to capture footage that is too dangerous or impossible to obtain from jibs or full-size aircraft. An added bonus is that it is much less expensive than traditional methods and more portable as well.


New technology has made aerial drone video and photography much more affordable


Drones are small, light weight and easily maneuverable

New Perspective

Add a birds eye view perspective or get up close

Crew Safety

Reduce the risk of capturing that perfect shot with a drone instead

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